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We provide free brake inspections. If needed, we can repair any part of your braking system at a competitive price.


Extend the life of your tires and keep your vehicle riding smoothly with our 2 wheel or 4 wheel alignment services.

Tires Services

We sell new tires, and perform tire rotations and tire balancing services with our high-speed computer balancing equipment.

30-60-90k Service

Extend the life of your vehicle by performing routine maintenance according to your vehicle manufacturer's sepcifications.

Timing Belts / Waterpumps

Our experienced technicians can replace that leaky waterpump or replace that worn out timing belt before it breaks and causes serious damage to your vehicle.


Don't forget us when it comes to State Certified emission testing for your vehicles.


  • - Complete Fluids Check
  • - CV Axles
  • - Oil Changes
  • - AC System Service
  • - Heating System Services
  • - Transmission Services
  • - Clutches
  • - Electrical
  • - Check Engine Light
  • - Tires (all brands)
  • - Fuel Systems
  • - Window Repairs


  • - Testing your car's battery periodically is a good way to keep it from going dead when you least expect it.
  • - Check your car's battery terminals periodically for corrosion.
  • - Improper tire inflation is one of the main causes of excessive tire wear, so it pays to check your car's tires regularly.
  • - Check the fluid levels regularly. This would include oil, transmission, coolant, power steering, and brake fluid.
  • - Check your owner's manual and drain, flush, and replenish the cooling system when your car requires it.
  • - Rotate your tires regulary, this prevents uneven wear and extends the life of your tires.
  • - Have your brakes inspected regulary.
  • - Change your car's air filter when it's dirty, to keep the engine running efficiently and on less gasoline.
  • - Have the upper and lower radiator hoses inspected regularly.
  • - If your car bounces excessively when you come to a stop or when you drive over a bump, its time to have the shocks inspected.